Monday, January 20, 2014

Nordic Combined Triple Seefeld

This weekend (17th - 19th January 2014) was the premiere of the Nordic Combined Triple in Seefeld in Tirol.  This event is part of the FIS World Cup Nordic Combined and presented by Viessmann and as a host city of the FIS Nordic Worldcup in 2019 it is a great challenge / opportunity to place Seefeld on the map.
After many years of organizing the WorldCup Nordic Combined, this premiere is a different event. The 3 competitions are held during the 3 days and this will give 1 big overall winner.

Casino Arena - Seefeld in Tyrol

This winter is unlike other winters, it is low on snow so far, especially being the 3rd week of January.  But Seefeld has nothing to complain as there is snow since November. Not just on the slopes or on the cross-country tracks but even the fields and the forests are white of real snow. Therefore Seefeld is a great spot for a events and also to celebrate your holiday. 

This weekend the weather was great and a large crowd came to watch the event and feel the ambiance. Friday the 27th of January the FIS Nordic Combined Triple started with a practice round ski jumping before the official FIS World Cup competition started from the Toni Seelos HS109 jump. Further this day the competitors took part of the FIS World Cup Ind. Gundersen 5 km Cross-Country and followed by the Award Winning Ceremony for that day.

The Toni Seelos Jumps in Seefeld in Tyrol (HS75 + HS109)

Saturday the 18th of January is another competitive day and another sunny day in Seefeld. The best 50 athletes from the friday competition will start this day. This day the program is again the FIS WorldCup HS109 jump and followed by the Ind. Gundersen 10 km Cross-Country race. 

In the hours after DJ-Alex started the party in the village of Seefeld and the worlds best 8 athletes coupled up with 8 promis/celebs, a combination what never happened for a fun-race. The promos were doing their best on the cross-country trail in the village while the athletes showed their virtual jumps with the Nintendo Wii.

The final day, sunday the 19th of January, the 30 strongest competitors remaining from the day before had 2 jumps on the Toni Seelos Jump and after the Cross-Country race.

Again they added 5 km to the distance so the final was 15 km Cross-Country. The athlete crossing the finish line first became the winner and see the top 3:

  1. Eric Frenzel from Germany
  2. Harvard Klementsen from norway
  3. Magnus Moan from Norway

The finish in the Casino Arena of Seefeld in Tyrol

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