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3-day IML Unicorn March

Last friday, the 3-day Unicorn March in Seefeld in Tirol started for many participants from over the world. IML stands for International Marching League and has all over the world big walking events.

It originates from the Netherlands with the well-known Nijmegen 4-day in the early days of 1909. Even at this moment it was the oldest AND largest event in this kind, people from around the world came to participate. From this event more walkers joined the event and from there different countries started their own event.

In Seefeld it is for the 14th time this year and walkers from around the world sign up to take part in this great event. This event has a choice of 4 distances; 10km, 20km, 30km and even 42km.

But before the day the event starts, participants could pick up their own starting tickets or have a late registration for this event. In the Seefeld WM-hall, the openings festival on thursday night was with music, food & drinks and open for everyone.

Friday, the first day of the IML-Unicorn March in Seefeld in Tirol, participant can start at their own time, depending the distance they are walking. Starting time is at 6.00 am - 7.00 am for the 42km and from 6.00 am - 8.00 am for the 30km walk. The 10km and 20km distance can start between 7.00 am - 10.00 am.

All participants should be passing the finish before 5.00 pm except the sunday when the finish is at 4 pm.

The 3-day walking events takes the participants through different areas of the olympic Region of Seefeld. All distances have different routes but some are overlapping each other. They all start and finish at the WM-Hall near the "SeeKirchl" of Seefeld.

Early morning fog at "SeeKirchl" and wanderers heading to the start of the IML-walk

Friday, 13 September:
The 10km the so-called "Olympic Walk", is going via the Mösern See back to Seefeld underneath the Gschwandkopf.

The 20km walk, the so-called "3-lakes Walk"  via the Wildmoos towards Buchen, walking pass by the Lottensee and then via the 3rd, MösernSee, back to Seefeld.

The 30km walk, the "WildmoosWalk" is heading to the Wildmoos but from there, it is going down to Leutasch-Ahrn, via Kirchplatzl and Obern back to Seefeld.

The the largest distance, the Marathon with it's 42km, is going from Seefeld, down to Leutasch and joining the 30km walk but then it is going to the AlmParadise Gaistal where you can go enjoy the GaistalAlm for some drinks and food.

Möserer See

Saturday, 14 September:
The 10km, "Gschwandtkopf" is going via the Ski-jumps direction Mösern and via the back of the Gschwandtkopf and the Wildsee back to Seefeld.

The 20km, "Inn-Valley Look walk", the start is the same as the 10km but then it is heading to Reith and from there via the back of the Geigenbühl back to the finish.

The 30km, "Lärchenwald walk" is going around the Gschwandtkopf and then the trails towards the LottenSee, Wildmoos and via Neuleutasch back to Seefeld.

The 42km, "Panoramic Walk" is part of the red, via the LottenSee, Wildmoos and NeuLeutasch but then it keeps on going to Triendlsäge and BodenAlm returning to Seefeld and joining the 20km walk to Reith before heading back to Seefeld.

The final day, after 2 days of walking, today is the last day of the Unicorn March. The routes are as following:

Sunday, 15 September:
The 10km, "Bauernwald-Walk", is going to the BodenAlm and Triendlsäge, here you'll find a lush forest with a couple of Alm for drinks and Food.

The 20km, "Giessenbach Walk" This path is via the BodenAlm and Triendlsäge and then returning via Giessenbach and the Hirnweg to Seefeld.

The 30km, "KarwendelWalk", joining the 10km and the 20km at first than this route keeps on going up to Scharnitz before it joins the 20km and then the 10km as well back to Seefeld.

The 42km, "Scharnitzer Marathon" joins the 30km distance but then the route follow it's way throught he Karwendelpark before it joins the 30km walk again back to Seefeld.

Some are dressed up with "extra" gear...

the Start and the Finish

Snowcapped Mountains this week
All participants received a medal, certificate and stamp. At around 4.15pm on sunday, the price giving was held in the WM-hall. Plenty of music food and drinks was available as well a great atmosphere.

To all participants: 

You have done great in those 3 days of walking !!

early morning

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