Friday, January 16, 2015


In Garmisch Partenkirchen you will find the PartnachKlamm at an easy stroll from the Skijumping area. In the wintertime it has amazing Icicles which you can see from closeby.

Partnach Klamm - Garmisch Partenkirchen

Sunday, October 5, 2014

View from the Große Arnspitz (2196mt)

Early morning dew before leaving home in Seefeld

After just over a year I tried to climb the große Arnspitz at 2196meters but only reached the saddle due to sickness. I started 2 hours after I had breakfast running from Giessenbach towards Scharnitz and then hiked up via Porta Claudia. It is a big climb and with no full stomach, my energy was running out before I reach the saddle and got sicker every step getting higher. That's why I finished at the saddle instead of the große Arnspitz.

So a new year and a fresh start. 
At 7am I had a good breakfast and my friend picked me up around 7.30 to drive to Scharnitz were we started our walk. The parking lot is just at the foot of the große Arnspitz and left around 8am including the dog of my friend.  

Just below the saddle you will find this mountain hut at 1930 meters, the Arnspitz hütte. It is always open so you can stay overnight if needed, max 2 persons. It is a so called emergency hut.

Arnspitz hütte
Passing the saddle we continued our path boards the top and the views were getting better. Lots of wildlife to see…

The path from the saddle is more rocky and steeper. Sometimes need both hands and feet just to get a better grip. For the dog no problem as he was easily running up and had a blast.

Friend with dog near top of the große Arnspitz

Around 11am we reached the top of the große Arnsppitz and again stunned by the views of the Karwendel Mountains, Wetterstein Mountains, the Arnspitz Mountains and the valleys of Tirol and Bavaria.

The Arnplattenspitz seen from the große Arnspitz is only 25meters lower

Looking towards Mittenwald - Bavaria

Seefeld in the middle

Standing at the top of the große Arnspitz

Thursday, September 4, 2014

View Haus Wiesenruh

Here you find the view taken from the balcony of Haus Wiesenruh. From the left you see the Rosshutte, which is part of the Karwendel Mountains. The meadows in front of Haus Wiesenruh belong to the local farmers and the windy road leads to the village centre which is only 500 meters away.

The mountains which are zoomed in are across the Inn-Valley and are called: the KalkkogelAlps. The Innsbrucker local ski area Axamer Lizum leads up there and on a clear day you can see the glass roof of the mountain restaurant of Axemer Lizum.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Andreas Gabalier - Photos from the first Winter Open Air Party in Seefeld in Tirol

Voxx Club started the Open Air Party in Seefeld in Tirol

Andreas Gabalier started a great Party and got the crowd going all night long

Andreas Gabalier  playing the accordion

Andreas Gabalier

Andreas Gabalier playing into the night

Wintertime but not for Andreas Gabalier 

The Finals of Andreas Gabalier Winter Open Air Concert with fireworks

Friday, February 21, 2014

WinterOpenAir with Andreas Gabalier

Tomorrow the biggest Winter Open Air Party in the Alps is on in Seefeld and invited big Stars like:

Andreas Gabalier is at the moment most successful and beloved Rock folks singer in the German language at the moment and will perform with the over 30.0000 sold Singletracks song:
"I sing a liad für di".

Beatrice Egli is a Schlager singer from Switzerland and won many German competitions. Glückgefühle made it Platin Label and she just comes up with her new single:
"Verrückt nach Dir".

VoXX Club - 6 Easygoing band members are fun, open minded, funky and full of life. With over 3 million clicks, the song "Rock mi" became a massive Wies'n hit  2013.